Monday, September 24, 2012

Pink and Yellow discography

Parties, Parades and Celebrations EP

1. the pity party
2. the gray parade
3. celebration (For Callie)
4. something pink

Alcoholics Anonymous EP

1. Alcoholics Anonymous
2. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
3. Cigarettes
4. Dead Air
5. Pop is Dead
6. Younger Girls (For Kate)

Crime / Little Miss Sunshine EP

1. Crime
2. Pink Something
3. Something More
4. Fuck Me
5. Funk
6. Synth Programming
7. Little Miss Sunshine (For Claire)

Pink Light Yellow Heat EP
1. Other Cigarettes
2. Industrial
3. Jazz
4. She's A Crackhead
5. Horrible
6. Damp
7. Reminds Me Of You
8. A Symphony In Three Movements
9. War

OM (2012 album)

1. 21 Guns (For Johnny Cage)
2. Spectacular Journey
3. Candy
4. A Club Full of Zombie Occultists
5. Pyramid Scheme
6. New Orleans
7. Christmas Tree
8. One With The Wild
9. Untitled
10. (Dream Sequence)

The Girl In The Velvet Underground Shirt (2009 Album)

1. I'm Surrounded By Sluts
2. Crazy Candy
3. The Girl In The Velvet Underground Shirt Theme
4. Knee-Jerk Self-Mutilation Jitters
5. I Told Her I Like Pop-Punk
6. This Candy Makes You Hallucinate
7. This Candy Makes You Fall in Love
8. They Call Me Mellow Yellow
9. Pink Hair, Yellow Teeth
10. Color You With Permanent Markers
11. Pink and Yellow
12. How Drugs Ruined My Life
13. Daydream
14. I Can't Think Straight When I'm Sober
15. What I'm Really Thinking About
16. Pink Robots
17. Thanks For The Bracelet (For Madison)
18. Yellow Zombies
19. Montage Collage
20. Ethnic Metalcore
21. Not Good Enough For Her
22. Song
23. Ooh Babe
24. Fish Gotta Eat Too
25. Blue and Yellow
26. Cute Bot Not Sexy
27. Twist and Shout (For Hannah)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Slowdive - Just For A Day (1991)

Debut LP from pivotal shoegaze/dream pop act Slowdive. Download the whole album here.

1."Spanish Air" 6:02
2."Celia's Dream" 4:07
3."Catch the Breeze" 4:19
4."Ballad of Sister Sue" 4:32
5."Erik's Song" 4:25
6."Waves" 5:49
7."Brighter" 3:48
8."The Sadman" 4:45
9."Primal" 5:31


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exquisite Ghost - Earthen Soundwares (2012) (electronic)

Here's another one from a friend. Winnipeg-based electronica producer Jordan Thomas (moniker: Exquisite Ghost) has been pounding out this stuff for a while now. Signed to netlabel Salient Sounds, Jordan takes equal influence from prog acts like Mahavishnu Orchestra, the classic jazz of Miles Davis and the cosmic swagger of hip-hop producers Flying Lotus, J-Dilla and El-P.

There's a lot of really cool sounds on display here; Ghost seems to have an endless array of downbeat numbers and bangers. With precise drum programming, a wide variety of synths and samples and heavy ambient texturing, this album just goes by at a really smooth and otherwordly pace. Seriously, give this one a spin.

1. Dawn
2. Evening
3. Lovesynth
4. Chords of Mind
5. Awake
6. Yacht Donuts
7. Ground
8. For Reals
9. Wavestheory
10. Heartworks (Tek)
11. Clay
12. Glisten
13. Euphony
14. Loom
15. Air
16. Finale
17. True
18. Spin

Running time 56:35

Download here (mp3, rap, FlyLo)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pink and Yellow - Alcoholics Anonymous (2011)

Another EP by New Orleans based electronic project Pink and Yellow. Taking influences from areas as diverse as 50's pop, lounge, chiptune, dubstep, and nu-metal while at the same time failing to properly emulate any of the above, the output is often lo-fi and tongue-in-cheek and sometimes tediously experimental. This EP seems to center primarily around the more bright, colorful sounds they offer.

1. Alcoholics Anonymous
2. Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
3. Cigarettes
4. Dead Air
5. Awkward Pop is Dead
6. Younger Girls

Download here, mp3, 320, chiptune, electronica, pop, instrumental, noise

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dirtyphonics - French Fuck / Bonus Level (2008)

Early single by a French outfit called Dirtyphonics. Very drum'n'bass, with dubby and house feel and a hint of the chiptune on Bonus Level. These guys crushed their remix of Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites and their original output ain't half bad either.

On an unrelated note, I'm aware how many of the links here have been compromised by SOPA/PIPA and other interventions, I'll go about fixing some of the links any day. Leave a comment if there's a link you want fixed in particular. The Neutral Milk Hotel, Dorothy and B-32 seem to be bringing in all this blog's visitors so I'll have them patched up soon.

1. French Fuck
2. Bonus Level

2 mp3's, download it here, dubstep electronica french whatever

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Laskfar Vortok - Tetrakyts (glitch)

Here's something I really like. Spastic glitch madness in the style of Kid 606, I Am Spoonbender, Bastard Noise. Promoted by the Naboa Music netlabel, there's not much to find out about this guy from internet research other than that he's released a couple albums of pure noise/sound collage/glitch/drill and bass nonsense.

21 songs, 51 minutes
Download mp3 album here (mp3/glitch/awkward pop) page

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pink and Yellow - Crime / Little Miss Sunshine EP

Pink and Yellow is a New Orleans based electronic project, in operation since 2008. They are currently unsigned and unrepresented, giving out their releases on various websites for free and occasionally selling physical releases.

Their music is digitally composed using mediums such as samples, glitches, effects, 8-bit synthesizers and drum machines.

1. Crime
2. Pink Something
3. Something More
4. Fuck Me
5. Funk
6. Synth Programming
7. Little Miss Sunshine

Download it here, 7 mp3's in rar
CRIME / little miss sunshine

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black Swan Collective - The Late Music Vol. 1

Here's another rare piece from the Elephant Six Collective. Formed as an Olivia Tremor Control side-project, Black Swan Network seemed to have a revolving door of participants including members of Neutral Milk Hotel, The Circulatory System, Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't, Sunshine Fix, and Frosted Ambassador .
This 1997 release is an hour of ambient, industrial, and musique concrete noise apparently inspired by dream landscapes supplied by fans.

Download it here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pink and Yellow - Too Mainstream and Back

legendary debut from Awkward Pop records fountainheads Pink and Yellow. Full of chiptune synths and industrial noise. Lots of samples from 50's and 60's pop music as well. alternates shamelessly between happy melodies and unlistenable clanging sounds.

download it here