Friday, August 14, 2015

Tweaker - The Attraction To All Things Uncertain (2001) (Chris Vrenna)

The Attraction to All Things Uncertain is the first solo effort from Tweaker, a.k.a. Chris Vrenna, former member of Nine Inch Nails. Featuring vocals by David SylvianWill Oldham and Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren.
1."Linoleum" (featuring David Sylvian)4:33
2."Years from Now"  2:49
3."Swamp" (featuring Buzz Osborne)4:21
4."Turned"  2:32
5."Happy Child" (featuring Will Oldham)4:27
6."The Drive-Bye"  4:27
7."Take Me Alive" (featuring Craig Wedren)4:28
8."Susan"  2:48
9."Microsize Boy"  3:13
10."Full Cup of Coffee"  3:54
11."Empty Sheet of Paper"  3:40
12."After All" (featuring Craig Wedren)5:49
13."Come Play"  4:53

Brenoritvrezorkre ‎– Vasagraèbe Éakr Vatrè Brenoritvrezorkre (1996 Cassette)


A1Aaprab Vergz Varbadre02:06
A2Eakre Uatre Zurgtapre02:41
A3Berv Tre Mve01:45
A4Vermyapre Zuerkle Uatre01:53
A5Kloarbe Vurtrue Zuerkle Goebtre01:59
A6Uatr Borvuatre Zuerkle Droer08:40

Skinny Puppy - VIVIsectIV (1988)

VIVIsectVI (pronounced "Vivisect Six") is the fourth album by Skinny Puppy. The title of the album is a pun associating vivisectionwith satanism.
This is the only Skinny Puppy album on which Dave Ogilvie (credited as "Rave") is given songwriting credit and listed as an official member of the band. This was also the only album (until 2004's The Greater Wrong of the Right) to feature a photo of the band. Dave Ogilvie is not included in the photo. The cover artwork was done by Steven R. Gilmore, a longtime collaborator with the band; the photo was taken by Kevin Westenberg.[3][4]

Stabbing Westward - Wither Blister Burn + Peel (1995) (MP3)

All songs written by Stabbing Westward.
  1. "I Don't Believe" – 4:21
  2. "Shame" – 4:54
  3. "What Do I Have to Do?" – 4:09
  4. "Why" – 6:08
  5. "Inside You" – 3:43
  6. "Falls Apart" – 3:57
  7. "So Wrong" – 3:24
  8. "Crushing Me" – 4:21
  9. "Sleep" – 5:21
  10. "Slipping Away" – 6:15

Embryo - We Keep On - MP3 - 1973 - Krautrock

Studio Album, released in 1973

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. No place to go (12:32)
2. Flute and Saz (5:57)
3. Ehna, Ehna, Abu Lele (8:43)
4. Hackbrett-dance (3:54)
5. Abdul Malek (3:15)
6. Don't come tomorrow (3:48)

Total Time: 38:09

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Autechre - Exai

Exai is the eleventh album by electronic music duo Autechre, released on Warp Records. The album was released in digital form on 7 February 2013,[1] with the double CD and quadruple vinyl versions released on 5 March.[2] Like other Autechre albums, Exai features album artwork by The Designers Republic.

Exai has received positive reviews, with a Metacritic average rating of 80% based on twenty-three reviews.[3] Grayson Currin of Pitchfork Media thought the album had some good moments, but was too long at two hours, and would have been improved by more editing and trimming.[6] Chris Power of BBC Music was more enthusiastic, calling the album Autechre's best in fifteen years.[5]

Autechre - Exai - MP3 - ZIP - Download