Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Exquisite Ghost - Earthen Soundwares (2012) (electronic)

Here's another one from a friend. Winnipeg-based electronica producer Jordan Thomas (moniker: Exquisite Ghost) has been pounding out this stuff for a while now. Signed to netlabel Salient Sounds, Jordan takes equal influence from prog acts like Mahavishnu Orchestra, the classic jazz of Miles Davis and the cosmic swagger of hip-hop producers Flying Lotus, J-Dilla and El-P.

There's a lot of really cool sounds on display here; Ghost seems to have an endless array of downbeat numbers and bangers. With precise drum programming, a wide variety of synths and samples and heavy ambient texturing, this album just goes by at a really smooth and otherwordly pace. Seriously, give this one a spin.

1. Dawn
2. Evening
3. Lovesynth
4. Chords of Mind
5. Awake
6. Yacht Donuts
7. Ground
8. For Reals
9. Wavestheory
10. Heartworks (Tek)
11. Clay
12. Glisten
13. Euphony
14. Loom
15. Air
16. Finale
17. True
18. Spin

Running time 56:35

Download here (mp3, rap, FlyLo)

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